Work together with smart workflows

Working in Consulink means trying to automate repeating processes. Consulink supports the creation of smart workflows to support your agents in handling reactions. 

Use expertises

Knowledge about a product or service is mostly available at certain departments. Using Consulink your are able to get those persons involved with the handling of customer reactions. Automate activities for certain customer reactions by using product information. Consulink keeps track of all the pending questions for internal departments and will notify users to respond in time. The serviceagent is able to respond to the customer faster and with aqurate information. 

Optimize response times

Setting up smart workflows might take some time, but your are able to optimize your response times. Customers will experience a better service and the information provides is better and more complete. Using a workflow also provides information about the best and least performing departments, so changes can be made.

Save time by using smart workflows.

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