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Smart customer service solutions

Consulink provides your company with the smartest webbased omnichannel customer service solution, which gives our organisation control over all modern service channels. Consulink is over more than 25 years active and supports companies by achieving their customer service and qualitymanagement goals. 

Always in contact

Every customer nowadays has a preferred manner of contacting your company. Whether this is via telephone, e-mail, internet form, service portal, chat, Facebook, Twitter or other social media. They also expect the same service, no matter what channel they pick. 

Consulink provides your company with a omnichannel service solution so you can give your customers the service they deserve. The agent has a clear overview of all incoming reactions and is able to respond fast and easy. Even for a multibranded company it is very easy to respond in the correct brand identity!


Providing the best service for your customers isn't only a task for the people talking directly to your customers. The entire organisation needs to be aware of the service goals your company want to achieve. Everybody should work together in order to get the best and fastest response to your customer. 

With Consulink it is easy to work together with different departments, which enables everybody to use their expertise. This results in faster response time and a higher customer satisfaction score!

Continues improvement

Customer reactions are a rich source of information. By using this information, you are able to improve internal processes or information systems. This leads to a better performing business model and prevents customers from having to contact your company. Use the information your customers give to you, in your own benefit!

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