Data exchange

Consulink likes to work together with other information systems for the best customer service. Consulink is able to import data from other CRM or ERP systems like Microsoft Dynamics, SalesForce and SAP. Give your agents the most complete customer profile possible. Consulink has a team of experienced software developers and testers able to build the best possible solution. 

Work more efficient

Make the right dicision faster by linking systems together. Communicate with financial-, post delivery-, payment- or marketing systems and streamline your processes. Consulink support your business building these complete solutions.

Consulink API

Connect your tailormade webapplications or mobile apps with Consulink using the Consulink API. Consulink will support your building the best possible solution for a complete customer experience. 


Consulink works together with partners (i.g. Microsoft, PostNL and Coosto) to provide the best possible solution. 

Save time by using smart workflows.

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