Customer profile

Build a long lasting relation with your customers and get to know that your customer wants. Consulink supports in building clear customer profiles, no matter what service channel. Store all your customers, suppliers, departments and employees in Consulink and let them work together. It is also possible to import data from CRM systems like SAP, Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics. 

Data protection

Respect your customer's privacy by protecting personal and sensitive information. Consulink supports the protection of data for non-authorized users by using logical security groups.  

Clean data

Keeping your customer profiles clean isn't always easy. Consulink supports your agents in dedoubling data during data entry. Prevent dubble records with the same e-mailaddress or phonenumber. By keeping your data clean, your agent will be able to get a better insight of the customer's history and interests. Consulink also supports automatic dedoubling of customer information from incoming e-mails and webform reactions. 

Privacy law

Privacy laws are very divers per country or region. Consulink provides smart tools for cleaning sensitive customer information, to maximize the customer's privacy. 

Save time by using smart workflows.

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