Consulink FAQ

Create a Single Point of Truth and prevent replying to the same question over and over again. Consulink FAQ enable your customers to search for information themselves and get their answer faster. The Consulink FAQ can be connected to all parts of the Consulink landscape. Use it to support your customers, but also use it to share knowlegde with your coworkers. The Consulink FAQ supports multiple usergroups and languages.


Create a serviceportal for your customers, containing a searchable knowledgebase and webforms. Keep track of all search queries and get to know what your customers are looking for. Get insights of most used FAQ items and support the customer who still want to get in touch by form, messenger or phone.  


Sharing knowledge is key. Let agents use the Consulink FAQ while responding to customers. Provide correct information to your agents, which makes responding to customers easier and aqurate. 

Connected services

Besides the ability to manage FAQ items within Consulink, there is support for searching within local files, Google Search or a tailormade service. 

Save time by using smart workflows.

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