Service channels

Simply register customer reactions from all service channels. Consulink makes sure that your agents are able to handle customer reactions with ease. The agent has all the information about the client on screen and is able to start a suited workflow for every incoming reaction.


Phone is one of the oldest channel for customer service. This doesn't mean it's less important. For some companies this is the main source of customer reactions. Using Consulink your agents are able to identify the customer and handle their reaction with ease. By connecting the phone exchange to the Consulink API, the agents will identify the caller faster and have less information to enter. A higher servicelevel by only asking needed questions.


Prevent that e-mails get lost or get responded way too late. With Consulink you can attach multiple mailboxes for your agents to reply to. Always reply in the correct corperate identity, without the agent worrying about it. 


Let customers contact you via smart webforms, from multilingual product- or brand websites. Consulink supports standard forms solution or you can integrate your own forms using the Consulink API. Your agents are able to handle reactions of the forms they are responsible for.  


Give your customers access to their own service portal. This serviceportal provides your customers with frequently asked questions and other items from the Consulink knowledgebase. It will be possible for the customer to ask a question using a integrated webform or a messenger. Customers are able to see a list of all their pending questions and responses.  

Social Media

Communicate with your customers using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. No matter what platform your customer is using, the level of support will always be top notch. Consulink gives you control over all social media.


Integrate the Consulink messenger in your website or mobile app. Let your customers ask questions 24/7 and whereever they are. With Consulink it is possible to integrate this messenger in your existing company app or website. 

Save time by using smart workflows.

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